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September 25, 2003

Common threads...

God so made the world...A few of us have been thinking about some of the same things lately (the importance of blogging and the unavoidably cogency of paper versus the cathode ray). These recent conversations have been both strangely comforting and uncomfortably provocative.

I’ve often thought about the subject of collective consciousness (not that I believe in it in any sort of solid, grippable way). Beyond science and philosophy (and mysticism), though, what could “collective consciousness” mean to a follower of Christ? In a way, we do all possess a collective Spirit; that is, if you can manage to stretch the equation of “collective” and “one-in-all.” But does the Holy Spirit (one being who exists within every individual believer) grant us the gift of “common threads”? That is, are “common threads” a valid Spiritual Gift?

God has appeared and spoken to many people throughout the history of the world. He has given some gifts of wisdom and knowledge. He has given others gifts of phrophecy and supernatural power. One thing, though, that is common among all of His gifts, is a closer connection to Him. Those who have been fortunate enough to have direct contact with our Lord have undoubtedly gone away with a greater understanding of what it means to be one of God’s children. (And for all of us, I’d like to thank Jesus Christ for giving everyone the chance to have direct contact!)

I don’t know if “collective consciousness” has anything to do with God’s desire for believers to be one body (one bride, one church, etc.), but it seems feasible. Something inside of me yearns for connection with other believers. It is amazing to know that this connection is more than something that is learned — and much more than simple, “programmed” instinct — but also something that is perpetuated by our entire beings, inhabited by one everpresent and all-knowing Holy Spirit of the Living God.

Our God “sewed” us into existence, yes, but He did not stitch into us the desire to worship and serve Him. This gift is from the Holy Spirit alone. This is our “common thread.”

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