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January 23, 2008

Shiny new N810!

I got my shiny new today.

Yes, I’ll admit it… I’m stoked!

Me & my TabletsYou’ll notice that it’s in a nice little leather case as well. You can see it better here (although, I don’t know how long that link will be work, so do a search on for “N810 case” and you’ll probably find it). The N810 itself aside (which everyone knows is pretty dang super cool, so I don’t have to say all that much about it), the leather case is really great too. It has two slots for SD cards, a cut-away where the stylus on the N810 is, a magnetic strap, and an optional belt-clip. The case is black and is made of quality genuine leather. Coolness! (The photo here was lovingly taken by my pal, )

Ok, so, yeah… The N810 itself? It’s awesome. You know about my enthusiasm for the already. It’s basically just a smaller N800 with a slide-out keyboard and on board GPS. Everything else is mostly the same (well, except that the N810 doesn’t have a 360 degree camera or an FM radio receiver like the N800 does). But, the thing is sweet. Go get one.

Lastly, because of some testing help that I gave to the wonderful folks (they’re the Nokia team in charge of all things software-related for the Internet Tablets), they’re going to send me a gift (actually, the gift is in the mail right now). I’ll write another post when I receive it.

Anyway, happy tableting! (And, thanks, maemo team, for choosing me to be one of the lucky Device Program recipients!)

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