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September 17, 2008

From MCI to TXL: Music, Movies, and More with the Nokia N810...

At nearly 40,000 feet and almost 600 miles per hour, the , my faithful traveling companion, did not let me down.

From Kansas City to Berlin, music ( and ), movies (Canola and ), games (too many to list) — and a lot more — even kept up with the slightly older than middle-aged German woman sitting across the aisle from me, never seeming to tire of listening to music piped through the airline-supplied headphones, clapping and undulating her way across the Atlantic. (I can only imagine what she would do with an Internet Tablet in her hand.)

Even after being a tablet owner for a couple of years now, it still amazes me how fun, usable, and powerful these little gadgets are. As I looked around at my fellow travelers, I spotted several s, one or two qs, and countless other cell- and smartphones (e.g., a plethora of s). Of course, other than the iPods, most of the devices were shut off early into the trip. I’ll have to admit that quite a bit of pride comes with being a tablet user; not just because they’re still pretty unique.

Before my wonderful black 60GB iPod was stolen (with my car), I would have never thought of owning another kind of portable media device. To be honest, I use and love Macs — and even [] — and I’ll probably own an iPod again one day. My wife is a die-hard iPod user herself and only just recently found her trusty, pink, second-generation iPod broken and in need of replacement. (What can I say? They are slick little s.)

But, when my stolen car was recovered, sans iPod, I was faced with a question: where was my money going to go? I thought about it and researched it for quite some time — close to the duration between the release of and the . In fact, I was very close to buying another non- PMP. Although, when I finally began to understand exactly what was trying to accomplish, as well as the N800’s feature-set, the choice was easy.

Now, a little under two years later, I’m in Germany of all places, currently attending community. I’ll soon be presenting at the first . I’m a newly elected member of the inaugural .

It really is an incredible story. Thanks to this little device in my hand (yes, I’ve written all of this on my handy tablet), I’ve made friends, I’ve gotten to participate in something that I dearly believe in, and now I’m in Berlin and I still have enough battery-power to talk about it.

The Maemo Summit is upon us!

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