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March 02, 2009

Maemo Community Council: In the mix...

After the nominations were opened for the next , I wasn’t completely sure that I’d jump back into the mix. While I’ve had an extremely rewarding time being a part of the Council, these things — as you may know — have a tendency of becoming more than originally expected. To explain further, I must divulge a little personal information.

As an long-time open source advocate, I am very passionate about the state of open and free software (er…culture?) development and being a part of making open source more of a reality in mainstream computing…and life. This being said, I tend to obsess over the few communities that I’m still a part of (admittedly, this list is much shorter than it has been in years past). So, while being a member of the Council has been an amazing experience, it has also eaten up a lot of time and energy.

But, wouldn’t you know it? In the midst of my pondering and soul searching over the possibilities of the next Council election, one of the staff and friend, , asked me if I’d allow him to nominate me… I was more than flattered; needless to say, I felt honored.

Likewise, while I began to see others’ nominations roll in on the , I felt myself getting very excited — not excited over the aspect of actually being a Council member, but excited about just being a community member. It is amazing that so many people will offer their time and energy (the same time and energy that I give) free of charge, just from a sense of improving something that we believe in.

So, because of my love for the Maemo community — a little about what it is for, but mostly for those who fill its ranks — I accepted Dave’s nomination and here I am… Back in the mix.

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